The Company

The company

Active in the woodwork industry since 1993 with headquarters in a 1200 m² area located in the municipality of Vargem Grande Paulista we employ 50 registered workers who are entitled life insurance and who are specialized in customized furniture; special wooden projects; glass; aluminized panels; acrylic and other specialties, as well as own projects and those of architects.

Taniguchi Woodwork’s products are customized according to exclusive, personalized projects developed by a specialized team of designers. Only high-quality materials are utilized, acquired from the best suppliers. We make artisanal furniture following the Total Quality Process, valuing the characteristics of the wood and the skill of our workforce in order to fully satisfy our clients’ needs.

In such a competitive market a differential is required in order to conquer new clients, satisfactorily meet their demands and foster their loyalty to the company. Considering the rendering of services in the corporate segment, the need of good customer service is very important.

The satisfaction of the customers is not an option; it is a matter of survival for any organization.

Taniguchi Woodwork

The Taniguchi Woodwork, has large experience in the high-end furniture market and has been creating and assembling quality projects in both corporate and residential segments.

Customized decoration with in-house manufacturing so that everything is exclusive and is in accordance to each customer’s needs.

The company has a team of skilled joiners trained to develop exclusive, customized projects combining the care of craftsmanship, the experience in planning and executing each project and the quality of the raw materials used. In our video environment you will get to know better our work, partners and clients.